Michele Blood
Posted with permission from Lifezette

Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin uploaded a YouTube video last Saturday that she calls her “State of the Union.” In the video, which she filmed in Vienna while in the midst of a “world tour,” she bemoans her own suffering at the hands of the elites of the entertainment world. She claims her failure to secure any paid work right now is due to “blackballing.”

The video so far has earned a paltry 2,000 likes for its more than half a million views. The dislikes on this bizarre video, by contrast, number a whopping 14,000 — and counting.

The comments on the video are blunt; precious few are supportive of Griffin’s cringeworthy sob story.

In May, the 57-year-old Griffin infamously posed for a photo in which she dangled a bloodied facsimile of The ISIS-style mock beheading image was

Though the country remained bitterly divided on virtually every other political topic, millions of people did briefly agree that on this issue, this stunt, this reprehensible action, Kathy Griffin was out of line — and what she did was unacceptable.

In her new video, Griffin notes that her legal bills are “through the roof” and says she is “on Interpol’s list,” presumably as a result of her shameful stunt.

If you thought Griffin could not possibly top the blatant hypocrisy of apologizing for behavior she later turned around to vehemently defend as “comedy” — maybe you should sit down. The queen of hypocrisy and this rebel wannabe is now styling herself not only as a victim but as a role model.

Griffin appears to believe she deserves fans’ sympathy and adulation. In addition, she positions herself in the video as someone she apparently believes “young women and LGBT folks and disenfranchised people of any kind” will benefit from emulating. “The goal has always been for [them to] watch me survive and with a sense of humor,” she comments.

Griffin will need to surpass two major obstacles to achieve that lofty goal. The first is that, according to her own account, she isn’t “surviving” very well at the moment, at least not from a career-longevity standpoint. The second is that the sense of humor she hopes these imaginary masses of fans will emulate is not very appealing — as evidenced by the upside-down ratio of likes to dislikes on her so-called “State of the Union.”

She wraps up her video by reminding fans of her new, self-proclaimed moniker. She apparently prefers to be known now as “The Mayor of Zero F***Ville.”

Well, she got one part right. Very few people care what Griffin has to say about anything these days.

Michele Blood is a freelance writer with a passion for children’s literature. Based in Flemington, New Jersey, she leverages her background in psychology in her work for publishers, businesses and NPOs.