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Many of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics work in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. They were in shock the day he was elected and they’re still protesting him in one way or another, buoyed by virtually everyone around them.

There are, however, some artists who not only support many of the president’s pro-American positions, but do so vocally — though that’s in the past to be for careers.

With Hollywood in resistance mode against anything and everything that involves this president’s name, here is a look at five of his most vocal Hollywood supporters.

1.) James Woods. The two-time Academy Award nominee seems to have retired unofficially from acting, which has allowed him to become one of the sharpest and wittiest conservatives on Twitter.

Woods will take on trolls directly, whether on Twitter . He makes no apologies for his support of Trump and he sticks to the facts on key issues.

Though his political outspokenness seems to , Woods remains as entertaining as ever.

2.) Roseanne Barr. She’s one of President Trump’s most surprising supporters, but the comedian has always been one for surprises.

A candidate for president herself at one point, Barr drew criticism from many liberal outlets when she announced her well-known television character Roseanne Conner would be a Trump voter in the revival of her popular sitcom “Roseanne.” It was a logical move, considering the program always worked hard to present an authentic look at working-class Americans — many of whom came out big-time for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“Roseanne” has earned incredible ratings and a season two has been green-lit after only a few weeks, but Barr continues to take critical blows, especially from fellow Hollywood artists.

She doesn’t seem to mind. Barr takes on Twitter trolls all the time, and one only needs to see to see how unapologetic and .

3.) Robert Davi. “Goonies” and “Die Hard” star Davi was one of the first public figures to throw his support behind President Trump.

He is another artist who makes no apologies for his opinion. He has appeared on Fox News multiple times and writes for Breitbart on occasion. Davi even took part in a celebration of Trump’s first year in office recently and .

4.) Joy Villa. From the time the California-born singer sported a Make America Great Again dress at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Villa has been one of the better known and more outspoken conservatives in the entertainment industry.

Her music reflects her patriotism, which she wears loud and proud, and she even .

The president himself also gave her a shout-out on Twitter when she announced she was considering a run for Congress.

5.) Kaya Jones. Another outspoken conservative musician, Jones spreads her message .

She has experience with some of the darker aspects of Hollywood, which she’s not been afraid to bring to light.

Her music is patriotic and pro-veteran, and Jones stands up for her conservatism as few artists do.

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